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is a martial art that specializes in the use of various joint locks, throws, and striking methods to manipulate and neutralize opponents balance and mobility. These techniques of combat and movement were employed by the Samurai against single, multiple and armed opponents. Still, the principles behind these methods were applied to the more peaceful side of life as a Samurai. Descendant arts include Judo, sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (via judo), shooto, aikido, hapkido, bartitsu, and German ju-jutsu. Though the fundamentals of jujutsu are simple to learn, the advanced methods and techniques take years of dedicated study to master.

is taught with the purpose of instilling confidence in our youth as they develop themselves from the inside out. It's a balance of both mental and physical training in order to create well-rounded individuals that understand how to better their lives through hard work and discipline. Most people think of martial arts as fighting, but we are not a sport like Judo, BJJ or even Tae Kwon Do. We are a traditional Martial Art with a focus on Self-Defense and Character Development.

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